Raising Our Puppies

At Ormar, we take breeding and raising puppies very seriously.  We are fully committed to the care and well being of not only the mother and her pups, but to also ensure that your new puppy gets the best possible start in life, which will enable him to develop into the loving and well mannered companion you wish to share your life with.

Our puppies are born in our home’s nursery room, which is adjacent to our bedroom.  I do not work outside of the house, which enables me to supervise and tend to my puppies’ needs around the clock.

Newborn puppies spend approximately 3.5 weeks in the nursery room.  It is there that their socialization begins with humans other than myself and my husband, and with our adult dogs. We encourage all our clients and their children to visit the puppies at least twice a week, to hold, interact, and play with them. We accommodate our clients and invite them to come and socialize the puppies when their schedule affords them to visit.

At 4 weeks old, we start to wean our puppies, introducing them to a well balanced natural/holistic dog food.  Once they learn to eat on their own and are well on their feet, we move them into a large puppy enclosure measuring 10ft x 4ft, which is set up in our large and bright family room on the house’s main level, overlooking our beautiful backyard, garden, and fenced-in swimming pool.  It is in the family room that our puppies continue to get exposed to a myriad of noises, various stimuli, daily interactions with visitors and our dogs, all which prepares them for the big world and which will enable them to deal with a variety of situations they will eventually encounter when they leave our home to join their new families.

During this time, our puppies get introduced to grooming, which consists of bathing, blow drying, clipping nails, and shaving faces and feet.  Early grooming is very important in order to teach the puppy not to be afraid of the clipper, water, and blow dryer.

Socialization and exposure to different situations is of paramount importance to every puppy’s well being and future development. We take this task very seriously, and do our best in order to prepare your new family member to be a confident, easy going, relaxed and well adjusted dog.

The puppies’ premises are kept  in immaculate condition, which teaches the puppies from an early age to be clean and not soil where they sleep, eat, and play.  They are provided with a large potty area, which is consistently monitored and cleaned throughout the day.

Letting puppies go to their new homes is difficult for any serious and dedicated breeder. I care about and love each puppy I bring into this world and treat it as part of my extended family when I place it in its new home. I invest a lot of myself in each puppy I breed, care for, and properly raise.  I take the time to establish a relationship of trust with each of the new puppy’s owners and I find it to be a very rewarding experience.

Before they leave our home, they are vet checked, vaccinated, micro-chipped, de-wormed, and CKC registered. We provide our clients with a 12 page instruction manual as well as our Five (5) Year Written Health Guarantee, which forms part of our puppy contract.  

At 8 weeks of age, our puppies are temperament tested as well as graded for show or pet. We choose our pick-of-the-litter puppy(s) for showing and incorporating into our breeding program. The remaining puppies go to their new forever homes on spay/neuter contracts at 8-9 weeks of age.

I consistently receive visitors, pictures, e-mails, and messages in my guestbook from satisfied owners who have acquired a puppy from me, and many a time have had them come back for second puppy. It is very heartwarming when I know I was able to provide each puppy with a loving family, and that ultimately both lives are enriched.

We wish to thank all our wonderful clients for providing our puppies with loving and responsible homes.

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